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In addition to our scheduled public trips, we also charter the Barbara McLellan for private functions.

If you are planning a party, celebration, reunion, hen night, stag night or even wedding reception, a trip on the Barbara McLellan could be just the venue for you. We can plan the trip for up to 40 people around your needs with trip duration from an hour upwards. If you wish to decorate the boat, you can discuss your needs with us and we will try to accommodate them.

We can run a charter at any time when the boat has not already been booked and it is not due to be used for a public trip. We also need an hour between trips to ensure that the boat is fully prepared and cleaned between bookings. We are based in a residential area and try to be considerate to our neighbours, so we need to be back at the wharf by 10pm.

See a map of the location here.

The nearest car park is Baileys Barn and the parking charges are:

  • Up to 4 hours – £1.50
  • Up to 8 hours – £4.50

Charter Routes

Shorter Routes


One of our shorter trips, we go east, passing Widbrook Marina, to the winding hole (turning place) and return. There is plenty of interesting countryside and wildlife to enjoy on the way.
Duration: around 1 1/2 hour. Cost £150

Meadows Bridge

This short but pleasing trip travels down through the lock, past the Tithe Barn and Meadows Bridge allowing great views of Bradford on Avon.
Duration: around 1 hour. Cost £150

Popular Routes

Avoncliff Aqueduct

Through Bradford on Avon lock and west to cross the dramatic Avoncliff Aqueduct, this trip offers spectacular views of the town and across the valley and plenty of wildlife for the keen eyed.
Duration: around 2-2 1/2 hours. Cost £220


We travel east, past Widbrook, to Hilperton, turning at the Hilperton/Staverton Marina. The boat takes you through interesting and peaceful countryside.
Duration: around 2 1/2 hours. Cost £220

Longer Routes

Widbrook and Avoncliff

This trip has the bonus of enabling passengers to see the canal both east and west of Bradford on Avon and the different pleasures each direction offers.
Duration: around 4 hours. Cost £400

Dundas Aqueduct

This trip makes its way through the Limpley Stoke Valley and continues to Dundas Aqueduct, where there is usually time to get off the boat for a short while to view the scenery.
Duration: around 4 1/2 hours. Cost £420

Bath Day Trip

Travel over two magnificent aqueducts at Avoncliff and Dundas on the way through tranquil scenery for this outing to Bath, where we can moor the boat for a short period to suit your trip.

Note that there is not sufficient time to visit Bath city centre.

Discuss all the options with our Bookings Manager.
Duration: around 8 hours. Cost £600

Catering and Music

The boat is licensed for the sale of alcohol. As well as our on-board bar, we can put you in touch with the Canal Trust Cafe who are our preferred caterer or you can use your own (or bring your own food on board). If arranging your own catering, please be aware that we do not have facilities for heating food or for refrigeration. However, we do carry a stock of crockery and cutlery.

For charter trips, we charge a £5 per bottle corkage charge on any wine brought on board. Other alcoholic drinks are not permitted to be brought on board.

We are licensed to play music on board so please bring your CDs or your music player. We ask that you keep the volume to a reasonable level.

Educational Charters

If you are booking on behalf of a school or youth organisation, we can offer you a discount of 50%.

Complimentary Trips

We offer a small number of complimentary charters from our Popular Routes options to charities who support people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups. Please contact us to discuss.

To contact us with a charter enquiry…

For Charter enquiries please call our office on 01380 721279, or send an email to with your enquiry (nature of the trip/group, number of people, preferred trip/route, preferred date etc).